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Sound Art | Olof Cornéer

sound Art

New Flesh Network (2011)

A traditional choir controlled via a network – man and machine working together as one effective organism. Long live the New Flesh!

Harvest (2009)

Listen to the beautiful noise of the earth. This is the Terrafon.

Public Epidemic No 1 (2009)

Bacterial Orchestra is now escaping the hardware. The installation becomes even more infectious.

Trying to Find the Music (Again) (2009)

Composing everyday to find my way back. 428 days of musical therapy.

Chambertronica (2008)

Three chamber musicians meet three electronica-artists. Music for Roland TB-303, violin, marimba and contrabass recorder.

Bacterial Orchestra (2006)

A self-organizing evolutionary musical organism. A world wide sound pandemic in the making.

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