Trying to Find the Music (Again) (2009)

Composing everyday to find my way back. 428 days of musical therapy.


Of course there are older musical memories, but it was still when I as a 11 year old boy pressed down the three white, dusty, greasy keys – C, E and G – somewhere in the middle of our newly bought piano that life changed forever.

The huge wooden box didn’t vibrate of a chord: it sang of another world. A world beyond our cramped living room. It opened a door to something else. Something beautiful. Something better. Finally the chord came to an end and I was back in our house again. I realized there was no turning back: This was my world.

Years have passed. Now it feels as I’ve reached the end. But I’m not ready to let this world just slowly fade away. I have to try to find my way back.

This is one (of many) attempts. Everyday I will compose music. It can be a melody, a sketch, a field-recording, a loop, a sound, a chord, a song, an opera. Anything. Think of this site as a guarantee that I will keep going.

I’m trying to find the music (again).

– – –

Update (summer 2010):

After doing this less and less I’ve now realized that 428 days of therapy is over. At least for this time. Or maybe the piano just needs tuning.