Chambertronica (2008) is the meeting of three chamber musicians and three electronica-artists.

Chambertronica (2008)

Three chamber musicians meet three electronica-artists. Music for Roland TB-303, violin, marimba and contrabass recorder.


Chambertronica is a project initiated by Håkan Lidbo and George Kentros. Other members are Anna Petrini, Mika Takehara, Lisa Nordström and myself. The first concert was in november 2008 at the new concert house in Uppsala, Sweden.

I wrote two pieces for the project. It’s chamber-music for violin, marimba, contrabass recorder and a Roland TB-303.

Piece description from the CD-cover:
In ”Slice And Repeat” the violin, the marimba and the contrabass recorder play together with the most glorified icon of electronic music; the Roland TB-303. The squeeky sound from this little silvery box is the fundament of a whole musical genre – and an attitude to music that has proved to be as revolutionary as once the Punk music movement.

Olle Cornéer does not only mix two different sonic worlds but also forces the musicians to play their musical instruments as if they were glitching samplers. And the TB-303 creates irregular, organic pads instead of the Acid-House loops it’s normally used for.

In ”Slice And Repeat” the humans are forced to be machine-like and the machines are forced to be as lively and unpredictable as possible. Does this sound like a cold and hard world? Maybe so. But the result is still beautiful – the same way as a polluted sunset behind a glittering skyline is more beautiful than nature itself. This way ”Slice And Repeat” reflects the time we live in.

“Olle Cornéers tvådelade ”Slice & Repeat” är strålande. Det är litet av en etyd, ett prov, med lyckat resultat. Första delens duo mellan bubbelljuden från Cornéers Roland TB-303 och Anna Petrinis djupa ton på kontrabasblockflöjt utstrålar prov och motstånd, men också jämvikt och balans.”
Review by Magnus Nygren in SoundOfMusic


Chambertronica has received funds from Swedish Art Council.